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Each panel is 52" width with 1" overlap to create smooth seamless connection for large vehicle wrap

Product Description:

Vehicle wraps are an adhesive vinyl that is direct printed, laminated, and then applied over part or the full surface area of a vehicle, truck, or trailer for visual appearance, advertising, or promotion. Our Vehicle Wrap Printing is produced onto Arlon and 3M Cast Adhesive Vinyl, which are considered the best vehicle wrap material on the market. The 3M Controltac Vinyl and Arlon SLX offers excellent outdoor life, better conform-ability, and is the standard installers prefer using. If you're looking for the best outdoor long-term adhesive vinyl for vehicle graphics, boat graphics, or any any wrap, this are the material to use.

Materials & Specs

Fusion Wrap 

Will resist weathering best when applied to vertical or upper outboard angles. Horizontal angles, such as hood and auto roof surfaces, will deteriorate more quickly than vertical. This is due to increased exposure to sun and moisture, as well as high deposition of dirt and atmospheric contaminants. Actual horizontal weathering will be dependent on maintenance, location and elemental exposure. Use heat and/or chemicals when removing images from vehicles. Fusion Wrap is designed to be used for vehicle wraps and graphics. When wrapping curves and channels with Fusion Wrap, it is recommended the product be draped and and not stretched into areas with channels

SLX Cast Wrap

With an easy release liner maintaining the integrity of your graphics, SLX® Cast Wrap will allow you to get more wraps out the door with less manpower.  The superior repositionability of SLX Cast Wrap + FLITE Technology® provides a long-term bond where it counts: deep channels, complex curves, and rivets. Outperforming other films, your customers will love their visually striking wraps and you’ll love the easy and clean removability. Pair with Series 3270 overlaminate and experience this game-changing product for yourself.

3M™ IJ180CV3 Controltac Graphic Film with Comply

Featuring superior conformability, 3M IJ180CV3 is designed for vehicle wraps and surfaces with compound curves and corrugations. The film can be stretched up to 130% without relief cuts while maintaining lift resistance, and can be easily repositioned during installation. The non-visible air release channels provide a bubble-free graphic. With a durability up to 7 years, IJ180CV3 can be used for long term outdoor applications and is removable without heat or chemicals. For graphic protection, lamination is strongly recommended

File Format:

We accept the following file formats: .TIF, .TIFF, .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .JPG, .PNG & .PDF.

Instant Online Proof:

Upload print-ready files at 150 dpi in CMYK color mode and get an Instant Online Proof. (Instant Online Proof is final and an additional proof will not be sent.)

See resolution, bleed and color information below. Files not built correctly may delay the order.

Upload Manual Proof: 24 Hours (excluding Holidays)

After we receive your uploaded file(s), we will review each file. If we find any problems with your files, we'll contact you, otherwise you'll receive a link to your PROOF to review within 24 hours.Please build your files correctly.

Important: Prices include processing one set of uploaded files and creating a single proof.


All file formats must have a minimum of 150 dpi (dot per inch) resolution at 100% of the final print size. Images designed for the web typically cannot be used for printing as they have a low screen resolution of 72 dpi. Print images need to be created at 150 dpi or there will be a substantial drop in the image quality.

Color Mode:

All color artwork and/or images must be provided in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color mode. All black & white artwork and/or images must be provided in grayscale color mode.


Please build your print-ready digital files by adding 0.25" bleed to each dimension (or 0.50" bleed on all four sides). Please design your files correctly and ensure proper bleed.

Custom Request or Questions?

If the options you are looking for are not available in this product page, or if you do not have a print ready file and you need us to provide a design template, please send a request to or use the Quote Button in the main navigation menu above. Be sure to include your information and anything else required.